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Do not be mislead!

Many dolphin parks claim that they acquire their dolphin from other parks, giving the impression that they are not taking them from their natural habitats. But since dolphin seldom give birth and even fewer survive birth in captivity, the "other parks" theory is extremely misleading. Assuming it to be true, the other parks would still need to replace their dolphin from the wild so there can be no distinction.

Make no mistake
If you frequent any confined dolphin park where they are not free to come and go, you are directly contributing to the slaughter of the very animals you want to swim with!

The photos and videos are disturbing but that is the harsh reality of what is involved in bringing these highly intelligent marine mammals to captivity.

We ask only that you become aware of the facts before funding these attractions with your admission fees. Know the facts and decide for yourselves.

The survival of Caymans dolphin parks is dependant on your patronage so you can end the needless death and suffering by simply not patronizing any Cayman Islands dolphin parks or anywhere else where the dolphin are held captive.

Cayman Dolphin Parks
Official Boycott List

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Dale Crighton
- Owner, Dolphin Discovery
Gene Thompson
Gene Thompson
- Owner, Dolphin Discovery
Gene Thompson
Kent Eldemire
- Owner, Dolphin Cove

Cayman Islands Businesses Directly Profiting From Dolphin Parks

Cayman Islands dolphin parks are owned by Dale Crighton and Gene Thompson and Kent Eldemire.
Dale Crighton and Gene Thompson ALSO OWN
• The Reef Resort
• Crighton Properties
• List ongoing - post to forums to add

Kent Eldemire ALSO OWNS
• Rainbow Realty

Magazines that Promote Cayman Dolphin Parks, Swims, Encounters
Key to Cayman - Owned by Cayman Compass, Brian Uzell
Destinations - Owned by Chris Ralston
Good Taste – Owned by Joanna Boxall
New Resident - Owned by Joanna Boxall
Attractions - Owned by Joanna Boxall

Places that Advertise in Magazines WITH Captive Dolphin Parks
Magnum Jewelers
Kirk Freeport
Cayman Villas
Cracked Conch
Osetra Bay
Turtle Farm
Cotton Tree
Spirit of the West
Indepth Watersports!!!
Body Works
Silver Rain
Cayman Taffee
Cayman Carting
Cayman Safari!
Captain Bryans!
Captain Gleason !
Franks Watersports !
Oh Boy
Parasailing Professionals
Sail Cayman
Tours Cayman
Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink
Cathy Church !
Guy Harvey’s Gallery !!! Guy Harvey claims to be a environmentalist – Hypocrate!
Guy Harvey’s Restaurant !! Claims to serve only environment friendly fish???
Lobster Pot
Cayman Helicopters
Deep Sea !
Sea Voyage !
Wall to Wall Diving !
The Retreat at Lookout
Cayman Kayaks
Ocean Frontiers !
Andy’s Car Rental
Avis Cico

!!! These places should REALLY know better!

Anyone who seriously cares about permanently eradicating captive dolphin parks from the Cayman Islands should boycott EVERY SINGLE ESTABLISHMENT ON THIS LIST!

We have all been to the Caymans enough to know that there are perfectly suitable or better alternatives to every one of these places. Feel free to suggest eco friendly alternatives in our fourms


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Dolphin Dolphin Friendly
and Eco-Friendly Companies

Oceanic Love

Cathy Church
Underwater Photographer and Naturalist

Cayman Activity Guide Magazine
The only magazine in the Cayman Islands that refuse to promote captive dolphin attractions

George's Kayaks - Eco Tours
Cayman Kayaks Mangrove and Bioluminescent Bay excursions

Oceanic Love
Dedicated to the protection of all marine animals, including dolphin

Ric O'barry Dolphin Project
Dolphin trainer turned advocate. How to help save dolphins.

Dolphin and whale conservation

You Tube Videos
Direct link to more dolphin capture videos