Dolphin Parks Imprisoning Rays From Stingray City

How do you feel about the capture of dolphin from the wild for Cayman Dolphin parks, or any other marine mammals for any captive parks.

Dolphin Parks Imprisoning Rays From Stingray City

Postby DCcollier » Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:04 pm

Apparently the greed of the dolphin park owners knows no boundaries.

Two dolphin parks in the Cayman Islands are not bad enough,

Now they are taking stingrays from their home in the wild at Stingray City and locking them up with the dolphins
REF: Cayman Compass

After being busted by the Cayman environmental department about why they were kidnapping the dolphins from Stingray City, the response from Mr. Moreno of Dolphin Discovery:

"Many tourists do not get an opportunity to visit the Sandbar or Stingray City, so when they visit the dolphin attraction, they also get a chance to see the stingrays."

Isn't that nice of them?

After reading this I am in the process of canceling our Cayman Islands reservations and moving our trip to Aruba.
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Re: Dolphin Parks Imprisoning Rays From Stingray City

Postby Tbaker » Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:26 pm

What in the hell are these people thinking?

2 dolphin parks open, both very much UNWANTED by the vast majority of their local community.

Like they even need aquariums or dolphinariums in a place where there is so much natural life in the ocean.

Now they are taking the stingrays and even turtles out of the ocean and putting them in the cage with the dolphin.

Seeing all of the graphic videos about how the dolphin are caught, now hearing they are taking stingrays away...

The people in the Cayman Islands need to take a stand against something like this. It's completely destroying their reefs, now their natural water attractions. Don't they know how many tourist this is costing them?

The Cayman Islands are not the only island in the Caribbean. I believe we'll be going to a different Caribbean island this year.

Thank you for all the information.
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Re: Dolphin Parks Imprisoning Rays From Stingray City

Postby carolyn46 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:55 pm

People in Aruba are trying to open a dolphin park there too. Like the Cayman Islands the overwhelming majority of the people in Aruba are against it. And like the Cayman Islands, politics, connections and payouts will probably prevail.

Here's the site for boycotting the proposed dolphin parks in Aruba
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Postby aikenster » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:06 pm

Just when you think you've seen it all, something like this happens. I guess the dolphin parks in the Caymans are not making enough profit from all the dolphin deaths they cause, now they have to steal stingrays from their homes in the wild too? What is it with these people, wanting to lock everything under creation up in cages, then charge people to see them. What's next, all the turtles?

- Disgusted!
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Dolphin Parks Imprisoning Rays From Stingray City

Postby connermd » Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:17 am

Sad, but not surprising to see that the same people locking up the dolphins want to add stingrays and turtles to their inventory.

The greedy dolphinarium owners will never voluntarily release their captives. The Cayman government needs to close these places down!

I for one will NOT be visiting the Cayman Islands while they are condoning all this unfortunate loss of sea life in the wild and allowing them to be locked up for profit.
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Re: Dolphin Parks Imprisoning Rays From Stingray City

Postby frankt12 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:28 pm

There was a pod of whales spotted in the Cayman Islands too recently, I suppose the dolphin parks will try to capture them too.

These dolphin parks and other captive mammal operations need to be recognized globally for the death camps they really are. The greed of the owners of these types of places obviously knows no boundaries.

And yet people continue to pay admission prices to keep these operations in business.

The whole captive marine animal industry exists solely to satisfy the greed of their psychopathic owners.

Anyone patronizing these dolphin parks or any of the establishments supportive of them are indeed, as the website says, directly contributing to the wholesale slaughter of the very animals they want to interact with.
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Re: Dolphin Parks Imprisoning Rays From Stingray City

Postby buraian » Wed May 08, 2013 1:08 pm

There's a "swim with stingrays" business in Cozumel, right on the beach next to the main road. Of course, the rays are penned. They were taking tourists out even in lousy weather last January. They don't care. It's all about making a buck.

They even clip the rays' barbs. So cruel.

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