If you frequent any confined dolphin park you are directly contributing to the slaughter of the very animals you want to swim with!

The photos and videos are disturbing but that is the harsh reality of what is involved in bringing these beautiful creatures to captivity.

We ask only that you become aware of the facts before funding these attractions with your admission fees. Know the facts and decide for yourselves.

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Looks can be deceiving
Which dolphin look happier?

There are numerous dolphin encounter or swim with dolphin experiences or encounters throughout the world where the dolphin are free to come and go. In the cases of both Cayman Islands dolphin parks, the dolphin are held in captivity and not free to come and go. Knowing and understanding the difference, and being aware of the dolphin capturing process will allow you to make informed decisions about what types of establishments you want to support financially with your admission prices.

When visiting the Cayman Islands, you can essentially have free dolphin park admission prices, by simply not visiting either of these captive dolphin parks. Wherever you live, there are any number of dolphin encounter experiences much closer than the Cayman Islands, where the dolphin may come and go as they please and no harm is done to any dolphin during the capture or hunting process required to bring any dolphin to captivity.

There are dolphin encounters in many places throughout the world at geographical locations conducive to the dolphin's natural habitat where the dolphin are neither captured nor confined, much like Grand Cayman's Stingray City. However, this is not the case with Cayman Islands dolphin parks.

No species of dolphin are endemic to the Cayman Islands so they must be imported from other dolphinarium or marine "parks" or captured from the wild. As you will see, dolphin capturing processes are brutal to the extreme and for every dolphin you see in captivity, dozens have suffered agonizing deaths in the process. That, in a nutshell is the true cost of your entertainment, beyond the admission price, when entering a Cayman Islands dolphin park, or any other dolphin park, anywhere in the world where the dolphin are not free to come and go of their own accord.




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